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May 31, 2021

E4C Research Fellowship 2021

This year I am excited to be back for a third run with the Engineering for Change Research Fellowship. This year there are 50 fellows in the fellowship from around the world. 25 fellows are in the E4C fellowship cohort doing similar work to past fellowships, and 25 are in a new cohort that is being sponsored by the Autodesk Foundation. This time around I am working as a program coordinator for this new cohort that is doing a variety of research with many of Autodesk Foundation’s portfolio organizations. I am coordinating and overseeing the work of six fellows from around the world working with Adaptiv, Bridges to Prosperity, The Okoa Project, EarthEnable, UNHCR, and the Autodesk Foundation. The projects are diverse and dependent on the specific needs of each organization. The different work includes the designs of building prototypes, manuals, spatial analysis, programs, and standards.

My position started in April and the first month was mostly planning and administration to work with each partner to settle on the scope for their project. Then at the beginning of May we had a three day virtual kick-off session with the fellows. I missed the in-person component of past fellowships that makes you feel a sense of camaraderie and membership, but they found ways to have randomized small sessions that gave a chance for more personal encounters. Not long after the kick-off session with the fellows we had kick-off sessions with each partner organization and their fellow as a way to launch each project. Now I am following and reviewing the work of my fellows as they have jumped full swing into their projects. I think that by the end of this summer we will an amazing collection of research, design, and documentation!

This year’s E4C fellowship cohort!
May 24, 2021

Moses at 14 Months

The last two months have been full of adventure as Moses gets more independent. He enjoys running around the house, walking and exploring the streets of our neighbourhood with us, and eating (however messily) with a spoon or fork. He is talking gibberish more often including “oo’s” and “aa’s” and only says “Mamamama!” when he is frustrated. He also says “uh oh” after he drops something (or before he is planning to drop something) and “brm brmmmm” for the sound of a car. He understands and can follow simple instructions in English and French like putting his dirty clothes in the laundry basket, throwing something in the garbage bin, or putting a toy away on the shelf.

Because of his newfound independence we have had to keep an even closer eye on him. This month he started climbing onto our bed, the couches, and the kitchen chairs on his own and so now nothing on the table is out of his reach! His movement has increased but his spatial awareness and balance are still lacking and so we are constantly reaching out to catch him when he falls. One time I was not close by enough to catch him and he hit his head against the armrest of our couch and needed four stitches! It was a scary event as fairly new parents and we are thankful that he recovered well. Knowing Moses, I’m sure it won’t be the last tumble.