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July 31, 2021

YY Start Now

This summer I was accepted for a Social Entrepreneurship program called YY Start Now. It is a course that was created by the Yunus Environment Hub and Challenges Group and is an 8 week course along with mentorship to help entrepreneurs in the development of their social business. It is a commitment of 2-6 hours every week which has been challenging but so worth the time.

I am doing the course to help me develop the business plan for Lokota which is a waste collection and processing business we are proposing for Kinshasa. I am currently working on module 4 of 8 and am really enjoying the experience. It is making me think of things I had not yet considered for the business and I appreciate having the structure so that I continue to devote some time to it each week. I matched with a mentor from Ghana who has also had some great advice to give. I am hoping that this program will be the launch pad that I need to gain momentum and make this business a reality!