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August 29, 2021

Protected: Your Eighteenth Month

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August 22, 2021

Moses at 18 Months

These two months were full of many more firsts. Moses was on an airplane for the first time, he had his first haircut which made him look very grown up, and he started sleeping in a big kid bed and even climbing into bed himself. He said his first word (other than mama and papa) which was “car” and proceeded to say that word and only that word for the next two months. Moses loves cars! He had his first bout of malaria which was a not so fun first, but recovered quickly. He is enjoying the time in Butembo getting carried around on lots of mama’s backs, running around outside and causing mischief with his cousin Emmanuella, straddling the benches in the kitchen and pretending they are cars, and eating lots of ugali and passion fruits among many other things! It is so fun to see him discover the world more and more! Happy half birthday Moses!

August 12, 2021

Home in Butembo

Our plane to Butembo was the smallest I have ever flown on with a single aisle and a single row of seats on each side. Because we had Moses they let us on first and so we got to sit right behind the pilots and could see all the controls which was pretty cool. The flight was short and only took 30 minutes or so. It was a bit hazy but we could see the green-covered mountains and speckles of villages along the way. It was cool to see Butembo as we descended to land. The airport is a single dirt runway that is only long enough for small planes. Othy’s good friend came and picked us up and brought us to the house. It was so wonderful to see our family again and this time to know that we would be staying for months instead of days. We cleaned out an apartment of two rooms that is an annex that is behind the main house. One of the rooms has two couches and a desk and the other we set up with two beds for us and Moses. The desk soon became my workstation during our time here. Below are photos we took during our first few days. In the next post I will include photos from the many visits that followed with extended family, friends, and neighbours!

As usual my eyes were too sensitive to look into the sunlight!
Moses with Tati (great grandma), aunt and cousin
Moses with his other aunt
Moses getting his first experience of getting carried the African way.
Moses and Emmanuella
Moses playing with some toys we bought in Kinshasa (the numbers) and that I bought used in Toronto (the animals)
Moses loves spending time with Grandpa (Sokulu)
Showing the family our wedding photos (we printed an album that still needs to be bound)
It is cooler here and so Othy and his sisters found a bunch of nice used warm clothes for Moses.