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August 22, 2021

Moses at 18 Months

These two months were full of many more firsts. Moses was on an airplane for the first time, he had his first haircut which made him look very grown up, and he started sleeping in a big kid bed and even climbing into bed himself. He said his first word (other than mama and papa) which was “car” and proceeded to say that word and only that word for the next two months. Moses loves cars! He had his first bout of malaria which was a not so fun first, but recovered quickly. He is enjoying the time in Butembo getting carried around on lots of mama’s backs, running around outside and causing mischief with his cousin Emmanuella, straddling the benches in the kitchen and pretending they are cars, and eating lots of ugali and passion fruits among many other things! It is so fun to see him discover the world more and more! Happy half birthday Moses!