Toronto Autumn Visit

The second weekend in October I visited Vikkie in Toronto. Mom dropped me off at the Beamsville car pool where I took the GO bus to get there and then Vikkie picked me up at Union Station. By this point I was having pelvic gurdle pain and so I knew that this would be my last trip. It was my chance to have some girl time with Vikkie before I had the baby on my hip instead of in my belly! We had Ramon take-out on Friday evening because it was pouring rain and we didn’t want to do any work. I slept on Vikkie’s new couch which I love the design and flexibility of. The backs are weighted and can be moved around, and so to keep myself sleeping on my side (always a challenge for me when pregnant), I put them on either side and slept in the middle! The next morning we walked to the Distillery district to have coffee and croissants from a cafe that Vikkie likes. It was a harder walk than I thought, it was drizzly, and we couldn’t sit down when we got there because I was still unvaccinated. So we took our goodies back home and reheated them and enjoyed them there! Reminiscent of our time as roommates in Rome, that night we cooked gnocchi in a rose sauce on a bed of mixed greens topped with sauteed shrimp and freshly grated Parmesan. Yum! On Sunday morning we carved a pumpkin, following another tradition from years past. Vikkie came up with the design of an owl and we took turns cutting out the holes. Because it was still morning and I was heading out in the afternoon, we put a candle in it and took pictures of it in Vikkie’s bathroom with the lights off. We were very pleased with how it turned out! Later in the afternoon Susan and Andrew visited with their kids. It was so nice to catch up with them and to meet Lucy and Elizabeth. The weekend was super short but so so sweet.

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