Othy and Moses’ Travels

Othy and Moses finally arrived in Canada on November 17th, the day before my delivery due date. Their journey took a similar route to mine. They took the Butembo Kasindi road to the border, drove to Entebbe, and took a flight that had a long layover at Schipol airport. Othy travelled without a stroller and so I advised him to look for a children’s cart at the airport. He found a different kind of cart but managed to improvise and put Moses in it. He said that they walked all over the airport and Moses pointed which direction he wanted to go in at each intersection! Othy said that Moses travelled fairly well. The Kasindi road was exhausting and he only had trouble on the plane during takeoff and landing. He enjoyed looking at the planes at the airport and walking up and down the aisles on the planes. Othy underestimated the number of diapers he would need and did not succeed to find more during the trip and so had to ration them lol! My mom went and picked them up from the airport. My mom said that Moses was dazed and was looking at them like strangers, but when she sang “Skinamarinky Dinky Dink” song, he broke out into a smile! We thank God that he brought them here safely and that we got to have an extended time with our family in Canada.

Farewell to the Congolese grandparents
Meeting the Canadian Grandparents

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