Two Week Wait

While Othy and Moses were waiting to get out of quarantine, I was waiting for the baby to arrive. I moved into Al’s basement apartment and passed the days doing Sudoku puzzles, watching positive birth videos, and making folded paper Christmas trees for Theresa’s Christmas sale. It was almost helpful to have a test period for the apartment to figure out heating (Al found some portable electric heaters) and some issues with the boiler that was causing the CO detector to go off. I slept upstairs twice just to be safe when the alarm went off on two different occasions. I enjoyed sharing meals with Al and Theresa and watching the occasional movie or football game.

While in quarantine at my parents place Othy and Moses experienced fall leaves and snow for the first time. Moses had many new books and toys to keep him entertained including toys that I grew up with like Mister Potato Head and Duplo. I think that my parents enjoyed the extended one-on-one time they got with Moses.

I had tried my best to be physically and mentally ready for my due date, but perhaps subconsciously my body wanted to wait until Othy and Moses were out of quarantine. The day after Othy and Moses finished their quarantine and moved into the apartment I started having mild contractions!

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