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December 27, 2021

Canada Christmas 2021

We had a lovely Christmas gathering with the immediate family at our parents house. Our family pretty much fit the Covid social gathering rule of 10 people by having 10 + baby! We did our traditional meal of appetisers on the coffee table. I introduced the family to my homemade pizza recipe and got to enjoy old favourites not found in Congo like baked bree with red pepper jelly, goat cheese, and croquettes. Yum! We also pulled out some Boneshakers that Dad bought because I told him the story of how when Othy and I were still doing long-distance, I showed Othy an empty bottle of Boneshaker and he said he had to try it. So today was the day! Al also made a tasty sangria.

We couldn’t finish off the evening without a family photo and our tradition of one composed, one crazy!

The next morning Othy and I took some photos of our family by the tree to make into a card to send to our friends and extended family.

In the late morning we went to Al’s for a tasty brunch of Fritattas and pancakes. On the following weekend we spent new years eve with Mom and Dad and then Al and Theresa hosted us for Clam Chowder on New Year’s Day. We are thankful that we got to have such wonderful time with family!