Moses at Twenty-Four Months

I can’t believe my baby is already two years old! He has grown so much from when we left Kinshasa when he was 18 months old. It is amazing how adaptable this little guy is. He travelled across countries, tried new foods, adjusted to a new climate, and had a new baby sister join our family. I enjoyed seeing his little helper side come out and see him master doing certain routines independently. He is starting to say more words in both Swahili and English and puts a lot of thought and focus into his activities. And right when we were getting settled as a family again, we had to be apart for the second time! But it was all worth it for him to meet his Aunts, Uncle, cousin, and Grandparents! It was so fun to see them get to know him too. My family had a birthday/farewell party for him before he and Othy left because we would miss his second birthday. Then he got another party on that side after he arrived!

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