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October 2, 2022

Sarah at Ten Months

This month you are crawling, going from your stomach to sitting and back again, and pulling yourself up to standing. You are loving this newfound freedom of movement and are going all over the place. We often have to go after you and bring you back to the places you are allowed to be. I am having trouble taking the monthly photo of you with the blocks as you are grabbing them and knocking them down faster then I can position them! You are as talkative as ever and show a lot of joy and excitement when someone you know arrives. Your version of a hug is to lean your head into someone and we think it’s the cutest thing. This month you had two more teeth come in (bringing the total to eight) and are (very slowly and messily) learning how to eat with a spoon and drink out of a cup. It is amazing how much can change in only a month!

October 2, 2022

Protected: Your Tenth Month 2.0

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