Sarah at Twelve Months

This month Sarah took her first few steps. We thought she would be full-out walking by her birthday, but she is content to take her time. She takes a few steps and then sits back down unless she has a skirt or a finger and then she walks very confidently. She also said her first words in Swahili: “leta” (bring), “nipe” (give me), and “beba” (carry). This month she enjoyed going through Papa’s bedside table drawer, playing Duplo with Moses (and sometimes bothering him by destroying what he has built), standing up and flopping down when with us on our bed, and “driving” with Papa in the car. We can’t believe our sweet girl is already a year old. She has been such a joyful addition to our lives and makes us smile multiple times in a day. We had a celebratory dinner for her birthday with cake and balloons. Our “Big Lady” is now a big lady! We wish you joy and God’s blessings in this coming year, dear Sarah!

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