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January 10, 2012


If I have gained anything from my traveling,

My glimpses of new places and venturing the unknown…

I have only learned to appreciate God and His world all the more;

The fact that you can live somewhere for months on end and still never discover all of the many secrets a city, a street, even a single place can hold.

I used to wonder if eternity could actually exist,

If humanity could bask forever in the presence of God.  Wouldn’t it get boring?  Could it be possible?

But now witnessing the extent of the world… which is only a glimpse…

I realize that I could live for eternity;

There is no end to the glory that is God,

To the detail that triggers senses I didn’t know exist;

All I can do is be in awe;

In awe of the Great Architect.

January 4, 2012


Sometimes I imagine myself creating something that is in itself complete;

A story written whose words and pages bring to life a perfect picture, a sequence of events that fit together so smoothly and brilliantly that the words just roll off the tongue into a spinning imagination.

A song that when played or sung strikes a chord in your soul, one that you never new existed until that moment, and pours a wave of shivers down your spine.

A space created where every form, every detail, every shadow is in perfect harmony with itself and with anyone who enters it.

Every once in a while we encounter this phenomenon however far and few between.

What is it that intrigues us about these rich compositions of word, song, and space?

Do we desire a similar fullness?

For our life’s dance to be so brilliantly orchestrated?

But it seems like few ever accomplish this;

In a story so many words;

In a song so many notes;

In a space so many relationships;

An artist with a blank slate must make a million decisions before creating a masterpiece,

And mastery alone requires a million hours of repetition.

From where do we get this notion of completeness?







When I look at creation I see the most complete composition of form and complexity,

Or when I see old buildings that have endured the degradation of time.

When I sing, it is the song in praise to God that most often rings in rich fullness.

When I read, it is in the Bible that I find the most complete story that I have ever set my eyes or ears on.

When I follow the life of Jesus it seems the most complete love that could ever be given.

I believe that everyone on this earth is playing a role in a story that is already complete,

A story to which only the divine beings know the ending;

And I look forward to the day when my soul will radiate this fullness every hour of everyday.

April 8, 2011

If onlies

I’m not much of a poet, but sometimes I get an urge to toss some ponderings on paper.  I thought about taking the time to make it sound nicer and more rhythmic, but for now I figure the original speaks pretty well for itself.

Sometimes I look back on my life,

I take a small pause in the constant movement and process of life and think:

What if I made a wrong decision,

turned or went the wrong way at a fork in the road?

Where does God want me to be?

And then, I reflect.

I think of all the people I have met along the way, how I grew, how we influenced each other

There is so much to even one person;

so much I would never have wanted to miss, so much I discovered

How could I want to go back?

I cannot, because every person I meet alters me in someway

and if I did go back

I wouldn’t be me anymore

There can never be ‘if onlies’

We can only keep loving, learning, and moving forward