Montreal Winter Visit

I went to Montreal this weekend to visit my friend and former classmate Andrea.  We had a really good time despite the cold temperatures!  We hung around her apartment, went to see a village made of snow, went to see Les Miserables in the theatre, walked through old Montreal, ate at the same creperie we ate at several years earlier on our school field trip in second year, and ascended up the large hill to see the spectacular view of the city!  Enjoy the photos!

Village Des Neiges

Le Village Des Neiges

Shark Bedroom

I want a bedroom like this one!  :P

Fire Alarm??

A fire alarm and extinguisher in a snow building??

Ice Slide

Snow Village


A street sculpture that we happened upon that is responsive to movement with lights and sounds.  Super cool!

Sound Sculpture


We passed through the Palais de Congres where I had to say hello to my old friends, Landscape Architect Claude Cormier’s lipstick trees.


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