Dear Apartment;


I just moved to Cambridge and unfortunately I am still feeling displaced. Maybe it’s because the place is too big for me to fill; maybe it’s because it doesn’t have the same quirky character or that it’s not located in as lively a city as Toronto. I’m sure that it will become home to me over time as I begin to fill the space, cover the walls, and create memories in this new place. Until then though, here is a tribute to my old apartment in the Junction Triangle:

Dear Apartment;

I will miss you.

I will miss the way I could open up the door to fire escape and just leave it open rain or shine whenever I was home in the summer.

I will miss the way I could sing and play guitar at any time of night because my neighbours couldn’t hear me.

I will miss my loft bed and how it gave the room character and made the space livable.

I will miss hosting couch surfers.

In some ways I will miss living alone just because I could do quirky things that would normally probably annoy a roommate like take a long bath while watching a movie on my computer, drip dry my sheets from the shower curtain bar, or listen to an italian language lesson while cooking dinner.

I will miss the way the kitchen was slightly seperate from the living area so that I didn’t necessarily have to wash my dishes right away.

I will miss the red sky sunsets and the strange, industrial view

I will miss my favourite cafes, restaurants, and shops: Toronto Coffee and Tea House, Starving Artist, Zocalo, Salvation Army Thrift Store, and Ransack the Universe.

I will miss not having to worry about messing up my walls and using masking tape to hang up my beer coaster collection.

You will always remain fondly in my memory as my first real home in Toronto.

Sincerely,Your occupant,


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One Comment to “Dear Apartment;”

  1. It was a small place that you made great.

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