Baked Veggies and Butter Tarts

I had a fun time last night cooking and baking. One of my favourite dishes to cook right now is just a mix of roasted vegetables. It takes an hour to make, but it’s an hour that I can spend doing homework while the veggies cook in the oven! I also made butter tarts for the first time. Because I have never made pie crust, I used a recipe I found for shortbread dough, and a high-rated recipe for the filling. I don’t like raisins so I tried a few with the plain butter filling, and a few with coconut. I think they turned out really well for a first try!

Roasted veggies Butter tarts Butter tarts side view

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2 Comments to “Baked Veggies and Butter Tarts”

  1. Mmmmm. I need to come to your house for dinner! You could also try pecans in your butter tart filling…my mom makes them that way and they are SUBLIME.

  2. Haha then you’ll just have to come and visit when you are next in the country :P … and bring along my swiss army knife! ;) My place is always open up to visitors, even though Cambridge isn’t a common destination…

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