Toronto Home Again

Over the holidays I moved yet again, this time to Toronto. The move came as a bit of a surprise even to myself. I had intended to stay in my apartment in Cambridge until I finished my masters; I have never had such a comfortable apartment or made a place so much my own. But when I was in Uganda thinking ahead to my return, I realized that I didn’t want to go back to Cambridge. The main reason was the desire to to be in a better “headspace”. I’ve been in Toronto for two weeks now and don’t regret my decision. I’ve already been able to go to social activities at my church and joined a recreational soccer team. I am situated on the East end of the city (shocking I know!) in Little India at Gerrard and Coxwell. During the day I either work at home or go to a cafe. I’ve already found my favourite little spot called the Flying Pony. I am delightfully close to a skating rink and pool and to the Toronto Beaches/Tommy Thompson Park for the best of winter and summer activities! I already went on an early morning run and saw the sun rise over the lake; beautiful!Frozen Waves

Ashbridge's Bay Park

Ashbridge’s Bay Park

My Street

Flying Pony

Flying Pony

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One Comment to “Toronto Home Again”

  1. Thanks for keeping in touch with us this way Lise. Glad to hear you’re enjoying life in Toronto, and that you’ve connected with a church. Our daughter Beth lives near Kensington Market, and also enjoys the cultural aspect of the city, but her spiritual side is weak, and she hasn’t been finding that path of faith yet. Anyway, I’m always interested in seeing how the Lord is guiding your steps, so keep in touch . Blessings Bob and Jayne

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