Moses at Twenty-Eight Months

Over the last few months Moses has become a real talker and is speaking full sentences in Swahili. Now I have to pretend I don’t understand to try to get him to speak more English! He is growing a goofy side and likes to dance, make silly noises, and make his sister laugh. He still enjoys riding the wood stools around like they are cars. His new car that he rides on is Mama’s foam roller. He likes to build cars out of his new duplo blocks and wash the blocks. His love for cars has not wavered! Sharing is still a challenge but he is getting lots of practice as he plays more often with Sarah. He loves going on outings with Papa and making visits to Tati and Sokulu who live nearby. Sometimes he doesn’t even want to come home! I feel like he is more of a little boy than a toddler these days!

Today in microfashion….
I don’t think he is enjoying sharing his “car” with Sarah
With Papa at the farm

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