If onlies

I’m not much of a poet, but sometimes I get an urge to toss some ponderings on paper.  I thought about taking the time to make it sound nicer and more rhythmic, but for now I figure the original speaks pretty well for itself.

Sometimes I look back on my life,

I take a small pause in the constant movement and process of life and think:

What if I made a wrong decision,

turned or went the wrong way at a fork in the road?

Where does God want me to be?

And then, I reflect.

I think of all the people I have met along the way, how I grew, how we influenced each other

There is so much to even one person;

so much I would never have wanted to miss, so much I discovered

How could I want to go back?

I cannot, because every person I meet alters me in someway

and if I did go back

I wouldn’t be me anymore

There can never be ‘if onlies’

We can only keep loving, learning, and moving forward

One Comment to “If onlies”

  1. I am finally catching on as to how to read your earlier blog’s. Your poem is a wonderful expression of the journey of life and reminds me how important each path we have traveled is. Thanks. Love, Mom

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