Bulsink Family Reunion

From the 5th to the 6th I stayed in Rotterdam with my friend Anne who I know from my exchange in Switzerland four years ago. We went to the Beergarden with her boyfriend and another friend and had a nice time catching up. The next morning I slept in until eleven (jetlag + stress) and so sadly we didn’t have as much of the day as I would have hoped. We had a nice brunch, walked around some of the shopping areas, and then it was time for me to head to Ede. They kindly drove me all the way there so that I didn’t have to take the train!

I didn’t stay long in Ede because Jacques and Gesina had arranged for me to stay at the Bulsink family reunion. It so happened that I timed my visit very well! We went to a park area where the family had rented a bunkhouse for the weekend. There were a few familiar faces and many unfamiliar faces. I already knew many people from their visits to Canada: the Koelmans, the van Zwets, the Bulsinks, and of course the Ploegers. I met tante Jo for the first time and told her that I was the granddaughter of her sister Jannie. I definitely see the resemblance between all of the Wikkerinks near and far. They had a whole bunch of photo albums to look through. That evening there was a crazy game prepared that involved us teaming up into groups of three or four, running around looking for numbers that were taped all over the place both inside and outside, and performing funny tasks and games. I was on a team with Gemma and her boyfriend and we had to do things like tie our wrists together for the rest of the game, hang a string with a nail from our rear end and try to get it into a beer bottle, and make a joker out of craft materials. I learned that there was something called Bulsink Rules which actually means that most people break the rules! Canadian Wikkerinks beware! This game is coming to you next year!

The next day was very relaxing. We mostly just socialized and played games. I enjoyed playing several rounds of Wizard. I learned that it is Bulsink tradition to go and have pancakes on the last day. Instead of eating out they hired Bram’s Pannenkoeken to come with his bike cart to make them for us right there! There were the options of naturel, appel, kaas, spec, or any combination! I offered up a bottle of Canadian maple syrop for everyone to enjoy. It was a memorable weekend. If any Bulsinks read this and have any good photos, please send them my way!

On Sunday evening I had a change of plans and stayed with my cousin Margreet (daughter of Geerteit) who I had just met that weekend. She and her two boys hosted me at their home in Breda. It worked out well because the next stop on my journey was to be Brussels and so I was already quite far south. The next day it was a simple trainride from Breda to Roosendaal and then Roosendaal to Brussels Centraal. Now it was time to play tourist!

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