Easter Weekend and Al’s 30th

This year Easter conveniently lined up with Al’s 30th birthday. I came home on Friday evening already and went with Mom and Dad to Al’s church for their Good Friday service. On Saturday Jen and Al joined us and we hung out and did Ukrainian Egg making. This is an activity we hadn’t done as a family in years! In the evening we all headed out to Welland for Al’s birthday party that she was hosting at a golf club. A great number of family and friends came to celebrate! Al and her friends had prepared a questionnaire about Al game (which the family embarassingly did not win), and they had also set up a photo booth with fun props! Jen and I attempted to reproduce a birthday picture we took with Al back in 2010 of us kissing her cheeks from either side. The other crazy faces were our attempt at trying to reproduce Al’s typical crazy face that she makes for photos (I don’t think anyone quite managed it)! It was a wonderful way to celebrate this special day with her.

Here is a post that I wrote to Al on Facebook:

“Today my older sister Al turns the big 3-0. Whhhaaaat? Growing up I always looked up to her and wanted to be like her. She marches to her own drum and accomplishes anything she puts her mind to! If she is passionate about something she will learn everything about it (i.e. beer, cooking and coffee). She has a genuine kindness, generosity and love for others that I think is magnified because of her faith in God. She is the sticky peanut butter that brings people together. Our family would also not be the same without her energy and sense of humour! Oh how we laugh at her stories and impersonations! Al, I consider myself extremely blessed to have you as my sister! I’m looking forward to more years as the crazy sister trio. Love you!”


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