Cottage Stay in Autumn

The end of my two week quarantine fell on a weekend when my parents had planned to stay at their friends’ cottage. They went for a few weekdays and invited us kids to join them for the weekend. On the Friday Dad generously drove home just to pick me up and take me back up there! It felt good to get away, even if it meant back cramps and frequent bathroom stops on the ride up. As we got further north the trees were turning vibrant colours. I felt fortunate that I got to experience Canadian autumn again and a bit sad that Othy would miss it! The cottage was everything I think of when I think of a cottage. Snug, mix-matched, well lived in, and gezellig! The small cottage is no longer the norm in the Muskokas, but if I had one, that is how I would want it! We filled our days with walks down the road, sitting on the dock, reading, doing puzzles, and watching the occasional movie. Jen, Chris, and Nat joined us in the afternoon on Saturday. Nat decided to brave the autumn freshness with a swim in the cove! I caught site of a wild turkey in a tree. We played a round of wizard and Settlers of Catan like old times. We ate super well with some of my favourite dishes like hamburgers, lasagna, apple crisp, and pancakes! It was a lovely and restful time!

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